How we work

We can choose the way forward which is right for you and your family. Louise is a member of Resolution which promotes a conciliatory approach to all aspects of family law. You have a choice of the process you use.


Traditional, Solicitor led negotiations towards settlement. We issue an application to Court if it is the right approach in your case.

Collaborative Law

Louise qualified as a Resolution trained collaborative lawyer in 2007 and has been involved in successful collaborative cases with other local Solicitors. Using this approach you and your partner work together around the table, along with your own lawyers, to resolve matters without recourse to the Courts.

It enables you to retain control over issues that are important to you both and can provide the bespoke solution you want in your unique circumstances.

As one client said when asked why they had chosen the collaborative process. “This is our divorce, no one else’s”. Collaborative law enables couples to move forward into their separate lives while retaining the level of communication which is particularly vital when children (of any age) are involved.


Louise was trained by Resolution in 2013.

Mediation is not about getting back together - that is reconciliation.

Mediation is a way of you both finding solutions to the various issues arising out of your separation, with the help of an impartial, trained mediator who can offer legal information to you both but not legal advice. It is therefore often helpful to have your own Solicitor experienced in family law to give you independent legal advice as the mediation process moves forward.